About Us


Welcome to Northland Woolens, Inc. and thanks for stopping by.

We are a small farm nestled in the heart of Minnesota where wool & yarn go hand in hand.  Little did I realize what had started when my daughter wanted angora rabbits for a 4-H project. We suddenly had loads of angora fiber to deal with and didn't know what to do with it. So became the start of our Wool/Angora socks.

I had tinkered with spinning and knitting by hand most of my adult life but knew with the demand for wool/angora socks I had to produce them faster than this type of work would allow. I started with 2 commercial sock knitting machines in the basement of my home and graduated to a larger building on our farm and 32 sock knitting machines.  Usually the first question asked is "Who repairs these Machines?"  Since we are the only hosiery mill in Minnesota, I had to quickly learn how to solve all theproblems that came along with them. That learning curve hasn't been easy but one that I find fun and challenging.     

In keeping with the "Going Green" and recycling initiative we added our Twice Baked line.  This is a line of garments made of recycled wool sweaters and suiting and has become one of our most popular lines.  We are continually adding to this line and always coming up with ways to recycle these textiles.